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Speicher XI · Architects: Hermann Bücking & Eduard Suling · Bremen Überseestadt · Momentaufnahmen 1999

Speicher XI was built in 1908-1912 as a warehouse for cotton. Initially it was the two storage facilities XI and XIII, which were connected by a company building after the Second World War. Only then did it become 403 meters long. It is located in today's Überseestadt at the former Überseehafen (until 1938: Freihafen), which was filled in in 1999. The building has now been renovated and is used by the Hochschule für Künste, the Zentrum für Baukultur and the Hafenmuseum, among others. The Großmarkt Bremen is now on the area of the Überseehafen, so that the view of the Speicher XI is blocked.

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